Car and truck bodes no longer need to be prepared.  We are purchasing all vehicles at the Prepared price.  Please bring your titles or registrations.  Titles are mandatory for vehicles 2000 and newer. 

Registrations or any form that has the VIN listed on it is also acceptable any vehicle older then 1999.  In the event you have nothing with a VIN and the vehicle is older then 1999, we can get the VIN off the dash or inside drivers door frame. In  that instance, a little paperwork will have to be filled out.

The form to be filled out is the MV2459 thru the DOT.  Click the link below to download the form:


If you show a lien on your title, you must have the lien release with the title or contact your lien holder to obtain a release.  
If you are purchasing a vehicle that has no title, you will want to double check on the DOT website that there is no lien on the car.  

Just copy the link below, paste in an open window and hit enter. That will bring the site up and you can go from there to find out if there is a lien on the vehicle.

Bus's must have seats and wood removed.


Campers must have wood, carpet and insulation removed