Car and truck bodes no longer need to be prepared.  We are purchasing all vehicles at the Prepared price.  Please bring your titles or registrations with you.

Registrations or any form that has the VIN listed on it is also acceptable any vehicle older then 2015  In the event you have nothing with a VIN, get the VIN off the dash or inside drivers door frame. Call with the number so we can run it and make sure everything is clear.  Paperwork will have to be filled out.

The form to be filled out is the MV2459 thru the DOT.  Click the link below to download the form:


At the very bottom of this post is a link to check if there is a lien on a vehicle.

Cut and past the link and I will walk you through your first time.

Once you click the link the LIEN HOLDER SEARCH page loads.

Read and go to the license plate at the bottom that says START NOW and click it.

Enter the VIN# (Vehicle Identification Number)

Check the I AM NOT A ROBOT box below and answer the question, then click on VERIFY.

The green check mark will show in the box that the answer is correct, at that point you can go to the bottom and click NEXT.

If the VIN is not found, you will have to recheck the number again to make corrections. (no green check mark)

Once correct click NEXT, you will go to the LEIN HOLDER RESULTS.

This page will show if there is a lien. If none show, print the page and bring it with you when you scrap your vehicle. That will take care of most of the paperwork I need to purchase it.

If there is a lien it will show the lien holder name below the vehicle information. You can click that name and it will open up to give you more info that you will need to contact and get a lien release before you are able to scrap your vehicle.

Cut and Paste the link below into your search engine

Bus's must have seats and wood removed.


Campers must have wood, carpet and insulation removed