In 1955 Elton and Cecilia Shaw started what is now known as Shaw's Wrecking Yard LLC. They had 4 children, all of them worked at the business at one point or another. 3 are still working there.

The business is located 9193 Millcreek Drive, Marshfield WI.,1 1/4th mile south of Marshfield.

What started out as a small lime spreader service turned in later years to scrapping cars, trucks and equipment in the winter and selling car parts.

Through the years the yard has grown to 40 acres in size. We are the Largest Scrap Recycler in Central Wisconsin.

Today we are well known in the community as a respectable recycling and salvage facility.  We have always been the same family run business, at the same location and with the same name.

For over 35 years, we have supplied vehicles for the area fire departments and Emergency Response teams. This enables them to practice response time and train technicians with Life Saving Equipment.

We are proud to be able to say we have and will continue to serve the community of central Wisconsin to the best of our ability. We can also state that we were happy to have served the last 3 generations of customers and look forward to the next.






Our business has the equipment to handle your needs as well as ours. State licensed, Truck and Metals scales licensed, grapples, magnets, cranes and pay loaders for unloading.


There is a large metals receiving building for aluminum cans and non-ferrous metals. You can drive right up to the door, there is an enclosure over your head to keep the weather off you. Also there is a new prep building for preparing cars and trucks prior to crushing them for shipment. This ensures the containment of all fluids which are then recycled.


Then there is the main office building with a blacktop parking lot. Inside all the truck scale weighing is done. Also all payments for merchandise take place there.

As a bonus we have creatures visiting from Jurustic Park, courtesy of Mr. Clyde Wynia, a local Artist.


                                                       Let us help you with your Metal Recycling needs.

                                                                                              Thank you for your business,


                                                                                                                                           The Shaw's