Main Office:

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Located front and center as you enter the business lot. From this building, all payments are dispersed for material brought in. Also located inside are the state inspected scale head and printer for the large truck scale outside.

Locate to the east of the office building, as you approach the truck scale on the north end you drive thru, are two yellow posts with the radiation detector mounted on them. This is put in place to protect you and the environment. This enables us to monitor materials entering the yard and guarantees us we are not receiving any contaminated materials. This also enables us to haul prepared steel directly into the foundries.

Why a Radiation Detector is a good thing for you, me and the environment.

Steel makers and Foundries rely on Radiation free scrap from Manufacturing industries and Recycled used products. Radioactively contaminated scrap threatens both  human health and environmental health as well as the economics of the steel industry.  If radioactive scrap contaminated the metal supply, it could expose the steel works and potentially be incorporated into consumer products.

Our Radiation unit is located at the front of our scale to catch possible contaminated material before it enters into the yard.  The main unit is located in the office where we can monitor it at all times. 

Should the alarm sound, the load is stopped where it sits on the scale. From there we will come out with a hand held unit in  order to locate what item or items are contaminated.  We will safely contain it and call the proper authorities for safe pickup and disposal.  

Our goal is to provide a safe environment for our families, friends and customers.


Here you drive up under an enclosed roof to keep you out of the weather. There we unload your metals and cans inot the building to be weighed on a state inspected scale printer.

Located in the lower section of the yard. This was designed for dismantling and preparing cars and trucks for shipping. Inside is a Draining Rig. We place the vehicle on the rig to remove fluids, oil, antifreeze, gas, tires, Freon and mercury switches. These materials are recycling and disposed of thru different companies.

At this time, we have recycled over 12,000 Mercury Switches to ELVS.

Waste oil and other fluids are shipped to a local recycler for recycling.